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Category: Network, Security

Network, Security
Ten Strategies of a World-Class Cybersecurity Operations Center

Today’s cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) should have everything it needs to mount a competent defense of the ever-changing information technology (IT) enterprise. This includes a vast array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies, a virtual sea of cyber intelligence reporting, and access to a rapidly expanding workforce of talented IT professionals. Yet, most CSOCs continue […]

Network, Security
Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable

Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable, an ApressOpen title, describes the changing risk environment and why a fresh approach to information security is needed. Because almost every aspect of an enterprise is now dependent on technology, the focus of IT security must shift from locking down assets to enabling the business while managing […]

Home Networking Do-It-Yourself For Dummies

A home network allows you to share Internet connections, photos, video, music, game consoles, printers, and other electronic gadgets. This do-it-yourself guide shows you step by step how to create a wired or wireless network in your home. In the For Dummies tradition of making technology less intimidating, Home Networking Do-It-Yourself For Dummies breaks down […]

Developer’s Guide to Web Application Security By Michael Cross

Over 75% of network attacks are targeted at the web application layer. This book provides explicit hacks, tutorials, penetration tests, and step-by-step demonstrations for security professionals and Web application developers to defend their most vulnerable applications. This book defines Web application security, why it should be addressed earlier in the lifecycle in development and quality […]

Hacking Exposed Web 2.0: Web 2.0 Security Secrets and Solutions, 1 edition

Lock down next-generation Web services “This book concisely identifies the types of attacks which are faced daily by Web 2.0 sites, and the authors give solid, practical advice on how to identify and mitigate these threats.” –Max Kelly, CISSP, CIPP, CFCE, Senior Director of Security, Facebook Protect your Web 2.0 architecture against the latest wave […]

Stealing the Network: How to Own an Identity

The first two books in this series “Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box” and “Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent” have become classics in the Hacker and Infosec communities because of their chillingly realistic depictions of criminal hacking techniques. In this third installment, the all-star cast of authors tackle one of […]

Metrics and Methods for Security Risk Management

Believe it or not, some of my earliest moments on the planet were spent in the company of my parents while they toiled away on human cadavers. I doubt this was a traditional form of family entertainment, especially in the 1950s. But as both newly-minted parents and clinical pathologists they juggled their careers with domestic […]

Defense and Detection Strategies against Internet Worms

Along with the enormous growth of the Internet, threats to all computers are increasing in severity, especially from worms, which can easily exploit any weakness in a network and can lead to its total compromise. This is the first book focused exclusively on Internet worms, offering computer and network security professionals solid worm detection and […]

Malicious Mobile Code: Virus Protection for Windows

Defending Microsoft Windows against viruses requires careful attention to emerging technical alerts and diligence in installingmanufacturers’ latest patches and upgrades. You’ll do a better job of keeping Windows secure if you have a body of background knowledge about security weaknesses in Windows and familiarity with good security practices. That, for the most part, is what […]

Hacker High School: Security Awareness for Teens

The principles of hacking should be taught in schools, said Pete Herzog. It is the principles they need to learn to avoid from being victims on the Internet. Herzog runs Hacker Highschool, a program to teach kids and teens security awareness and critical, Internet research skills. The program contains free security and privacy awareness teaching¬†materials¬†and […]


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