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Category: Healthcare, Fitness

Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercise

Keep Your Brain Alive presents the first brain exercise program scientifically based on the adult brain’s ability to produce its own natural brain food. Developed by a leading neurological research scientist and the author of “60 Ways to Relieve Stress in 60 Seconds,” the program offers 83 simple “neurobic” exercises designed to fight off the […]

Massage Therapy For Complete Body Relaxation

National Standards For Massage Therapy Certification. So far, there is only one standard that is nationally recognized for massage therapy certificate, which is controlled by the NCBTMB, the abbreviation of National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Any massage therapyservices who apply for the national certificates will be evaluated and if their service reflects a good standard, NCBTMB will give them a certificate that […]

How to Develop a Perfect Body

For years I have seen Martial Arts Master Teachers who look like they just left a donut eating contest and won it for the 50th time in a row. Fat out of shape disgusting. These people might know how to kick and punch, but they are out of shape and not a credit to the […]

Men’s Sexual Health: Fitness for Satisfying Sex

Men’s Sexual Health is a breakthrough book about vital and satisfying male sexuality. It presents a new model of male and couple sexuality, which establishes positive, realistic expectations of pleasure and satisfaction, as opposed to the self-defeating traditional demand for perfect intercourse performance. Men and couples who adopt this approach will enjoy sexuality throughout the […]

How To Eliminate Man Boobs

Discover how to eliminate man boobs in just a few short weeks. In this report you’ll learn about the causes of man boobs, which you can then eliminate from your life, to allow your chest to naturally flatten out over time.

Be Your Own Doctor with Foot Reflexology

Like Acupuncture or Acupressure, Reflexology is a science of stimulating specific points on the surface of the body (e.g., on soles), which have a correspondence or a link with the internal organs. However, unlike Acupuncture, no needles or special instruments are required. You need not go to a doctor. You can treat yourself in your […]

Maximize Your Brainpower: 1000 New Ways To Boost Your Mental Fitness

The latest book in the successful IQ Workout Series gives you the opportunity to test your mind to the full. We only use a tiny percentage of our potential brainpower, while the rest is locked away in the subconscious mind. Just as an athlete can improve performance by rigorous training, you too can become mentally […]

Healthcare, Fitness
Appetite and body weight

It is generally accepted that the average temperatures of the atmosphere, the landmasses, and the seas are perceptibly rising. The trajectory of the rising temperatures is such that informed predictions envisage a range of disastrous consequences that will affect everyone’s lives. Yet we also face another potential calamity, and that is the global rise in obesity. How […]

Healthcare, Fitness
The Illustrated Light on Yoga

This is a straightforward and comprehensive introduction for the beginner by the acknowledged expert on the subject. Illustrated throughout with 150 photographs carefully positioned in the relevant part of the text for easy reference, it includes: Anintroduction to the philosophy and practice of yoga; Detailed descriptions of 57 key postures; Techniques for stilling the mind through breathing exercises; A 35-week course progressing […]


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