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Beyond Bodybuilding Muscle and Strength Training Secrets

Beyond Bodybuilding Muscle and Strength Training Secrets

This book is a collection of articles, most of which first appeared in Muscle Media magazine. Think of this as a sequel to Pavel’s Power to the People. You will get the answers to many questions you may have had. The articles that make up this book are: Section One: Power Training ? Mind of Muscle: the 5×5 Program ? The ‘3 to 5’ Method: Strength Training for Special Weapons and Tactics Teams ? Make a Quantum Strength Leap with ‘Progressive Movement Training’ ? Hardgainer? – I’ll Fix It: A Delorme Method Inspired Six Week Hypertrophy Cycle ? ‘Fatigue Cycling’: Another Secret of the Russian Bodybuilding Underground ? The Russian Squat Assault ? The Presence of Power and Three Super Squat Techniques to Develop It ? Bench Press Training, the Russian National Powerlifting Team Style Section Two: Training Planning ? Divide and Conquer: Designing the Perfect Split ? Periodization Demystified Section Three: Back ? Calling for Back-Up! (the ‘Strong as You Look’ series) ? Lots: the Secrets of the Russian Bodybuilding Underground Section Four: Legs ? Legs of Steel (the ‘Strong as You Look’ series) ? Hot Wheels by Summer Section Five: Neck & Shoulders Section Six: Arms ? Armed and Dangerous (the ‘Strong as You Look’ series) ? Frequently Asked Questions about Arm Training ? The Top Ten Russian Training Secrets Section Seven: Chest ? A Chest to Stand A Glass on (The ‘Strong as You Look’ Series) Section Eight: Naked Warrior Strong Anywhere, Anytime with Bodyweight Exercises ? The Russian Special Forces Ladder to Power ? The Evil Russian’s ‘Hit the Deck’! Program ? The NASA Pushup Program ? Grip-ups, Spider-ups, and Pinch Grip Pushups ? The Dragon Walk ? Show Kicks ? The Lizard and ‘Walk the Dog’ ? The Deck Squat ? Russian Laundry ? The Tiger Bend Pushup

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